Tuesday 23 Jul 2024
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Curriculum Certification

Curriculum Certification is a specialized copyrighted program certification process developed  by ADDA to assist educational facilities and vocational training institutions for aligning their educational process to meet or exceed industry standards. 

The ADDA Curriculum Certification process is based on a thorough review of criteria used within the training program.  Curriculum Certification can be completed in a short period of time, with minimal effort and less cost, when compared to a an accreditation process.

The ADDA Curriculum Certification Process generally will use a compilation of information which is currently required by state and federal accreditation, teacher certification, facility certification and standard auditing processes the school currently is required to maintain.

Generally ADDA requires copies of specific portions of this information along with samples of class and study materials already in use.  Certification is generally issued for 3 to 5 years based on the level of certification and is a renewal is required annually with only a short form to be completed.

Download the Curriculum Certification Package in a WinZip file.

Download the Curriculum Certification Instructors Package pdf

Download the Curriculum Certification Payment Form  pdf

Curriculum Certification Renewal

Download the Curriculum Certification Renewal Application