Thursday 02 Dec 2021
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AutoCAD and Its Applications Advanced 2014
21st Edition  2014    Hardcover       Goodheart-Wilcox

Authors    Terence M. Shumaker -  David A. Madsen
                 Jeffrey A. Laurich -  J.C. Malitzke -  Craig P. Black

ISBN: 978-1-61960-447-6
Retail Price: $66.32        
School Price: $49.74

AutoCAD and Its Applications: Advanced 2014builds upon the fundamental skills and techniques taught in AutoCAD and Its Applications: Basics 2014. The Advanced text provides thorough instruction in 3D drafting/modeling and visualization. It includes comprehensive coverage of solid, surface, and mesh modeling. The text also includes detailed coverage of materials, lighting, rendering, and animation. The teaching package includes more than 120 step-by-step exercises providing hands-on reinforcement of topics covered in the text.