Tuesday 23 Jul 2024
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ADDA is led by a Board of Directors and a Board of Governors, each having decades of experience.  All of the individuals who hold leadership positions are volunteers, donating hundreds of hours annually to the operation and execution of ADDA's programs.

The Board of Governors is our oversight board which mandates corporate operation policy and employment.  They also act as the Officer Nomination Committee and Ethics Committee.

The Board of Directors has oversight of all day-to-day operations of the corporate office and all program committees including the Board of Deputy Directors, Commissioners and State Representatives.

Each Committee within ADDA operates with a Director or Deputy Director assigned as a liaison.  A chair and vice-chair are appointed and the Director or Deputy Director reports to the full board in the absence of the chair.

Commissioners are individuals who have oversight of a geographic area and represent ADDA for a multitude of services.  These individuals may work with industry or education in a state or multi-state region, providing information on the graphics industry to them on a personal level and can be done with less expense to the either organization.

Representatives are individuals who work in a small geographic area such as a multi-county area i.e.,local schools, school boards, industries, manufacturing, architectural or engineering firms.   Representatives are key to the operation and execution of local and regional councils.