Friday 31 Mar 2023
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Related Careers

Drafting, Design, Graphic Arts, Technical Illustration, Document Handlers and today's Digital Technicians are the basis of some of the more creative and challenging technical careers in the world.  The processes that ADDA supports are the foundation of hundreds of careers in which the created visual document becomes the basis of the final product.

ADDA has compiled a list of areas where the influence of the drawing or document can lead an individual.  Many of the career opportunities are generally overlooked when students or career designers begin looking at their options.  Although these career paths may seem somewhat off course, they all stem back to the mathematics and science of how things work or the creative visions that are necessary in the design process.

As you consider entering this career and you begin to think about job availability there are several items to think about.  A Drafter, Designer, Technical Illustrator, Graphic Artist, Digital Technician or Artist who has completed a technical training program may find employment positions by these names difficult to locate.  A drafter today may be identified as a CAD Operator, Engineering Technician, Facilities Planner, Architectural Assistant and a dozen other names.  ADDA's advice to the potential employee is to watch for the work or skill requirements for the position.  Your skills and professional training lies in the theory and technical aspects of drafting and design regardless of the job title.  These technical skills will play an important part of any career field you enter.


Construction Estimator Carpenter Steelworker
Iron Worker Mason Plumber Electrician
Pattern Maker Fashion Designer Landscaper Utilities
City Planner Cabinet Maker Office Planner Lighting Tech
Stage Designer Robotics Material Handling Packaging
Machining HVAC Medical Equipment Office Equipment
Civil Tech Structural Steel Interior Designer Store Planner
Surveyor Assistant