Tuesday 23 Jul 2024
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ADDA offers program accreditation to institutions when requested or required.  The ADDA Accreditation is a two part process.  Part 1 is completing the self-evaluation.  Part 2 is the site visit, interviews and verification of all documentation.  ADDA Accreditation and ADDA Curriculum Certification will meet most state and federal requirements for funding.

Please read the information under Curriculum Certification prior to contacting ADDA.

Part 1 (self-evaluation process) Curriculum Certification is the first information needed for the accreditation process.   

Part 2 (site visit and on-site process) is the second step in the Accreditation Process.  This information can be reviewed in the Program Accreditation Agreement and Supplemental Service Document.

ADDA Accreditation meets or exceeds Federal and State funding requirements of Perkins and No Child Left Behind. 

ADDA will work to achieve the necessary credentials for your facility at the lowest cost possible.

For more information contact Pennie King at 731-627-0802 x 402